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ABC - Not Circumcision

Andrew Sullivan - Ask Me Anything - Why I'm Opposed to Infant Circumcision

Circumcision: Let the Debate Begin

Circumcision: Medically Unnecessary [From Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine],com_crossjoomlaarticlemanager/Itemid,652/aid,2204/view,crossjoomlaarticlemanager/

Circum[de]cision [By Wholesome Mama]

Culture is the Culprit

D.C. Family Health Examiner

Effective Intactivism

Fate of the Foreskin [British Medical Journal]

A Father's Talk with His Son about Infant Circumcision

I Love Foreskin

Infant Male Circumcision is Genital Mutilation

Information on Circumcision: To Cut or Not to Cut, That is the Question [Existere]

Intactivist Examiner

Mothering Magazine: To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise: There is No Question

The One that Offends Everybody

Paradigm Shift: My Journey from Pro-circumcision to Intactivist from Wholesome Mama

(Printable) "10 Reasons Not to Circumcise Your Baby Boy" from Intact America:

(Printable) "10 Reasons Doctors Should Stop Circumcising Baby Boys" from Intact America:

(Printable) "Answers to Your Questions About Infant Circumcision" from NOCIRC:

(Printable) "Questions About Your Young Son's Circumcised Penis" from NOCIRC:

(Printable) "Myths & Facts About Circumcision" from Intact America:

(Printable) "Infant Circumcision Information Flyer (in English and Spanish)" from Intact America:

(Printable) “Circumcision and the Foreskin” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) “Anatomy And Physiology of The Intact Penis” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) “Circumcision Techniques, Results, and Complications” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) "Circumcision: Your Legal Rights" from Attorneys for the Rights of the Child:

(Printable) "Global Survey of Circumcision Harm: Overview" from Intact America:

(Printable) "About the Bioethics of Infant Circumcision" from NOCIRC:

(Printable) "Questions About Circumcision and MRSA" from NOCIRC:

(Printable-Spanish) "Respuesta a sus Preguntas Sobre la Circuncisión de bebes" from NOCIRC:

(Printable-Spanish/English) "Infant Circumcision Information Flyer (in English and Spanish)" from Intact America:

Psychology Today: Circumcision Series

Reasons Not to Circumcise Your Baby

5 Reasons Parents Give for Circumcision, and Why they Are Not Valid

Scarred for Life [by Andrew Sullivan]

The Science of Circumcision

Should You Circumcise Your Child? Sydney Morning Herald

Some Thoughts: Male Circumcision

The Vulnerability of Men

Woman Uncensored - Circumcision is for Wieners

Woman Uncensored - Pieces of Adam: How Your Circumcised Son May Feel Someday

Woman Uncensored - What Have I Done? Voices of Circumcision Remorse

Woman Uncensored - Would You Circumcise Your Daughter?

Why Empowered Women Choose Not to Circumcise

Why I Chose to Circumcise My Son

You Want to Cut Off What?


History of Circumcision, Medical Conditions, and Sexual Activity and Risk of Penile Cancer

Historical Circumcision Quotes (Medical Journal Articles)

Histories of Circumcision (United States, Australia, Britain)

History of Female Circumcision in the United States

ICGI Medicalization of Circumcision Slideshow

5 Insane Ways Fear of Masturbation Shaped the Modern World
What were the original motivations behind routine infant circumcision in the West?


General Circumcision Description

Gomco Clamp Circumcision

Methods of Circumcision

Pat's Informative Baby Circumcision Site

Plastibell Infant Circumcision

Standford Neonatal Circumcision: A Visual Primer

What Happens During Circumcision?

Circumcision Statistics 

Cosmopolitan Reports on the Decline of Circumcision in the United States

More Parents Opt Out of Circumcision (2011)

Steep Drop Seen in Circumcisions in U.S (2010)
United States Stats by State (2011)

Normal vs. Circumcised: U.S. Neonatal Male Genital Ratio (2003)

United States Circumcision Incidence (2009)
Circumcision Practices in Canada

Circumcision Practices in Canada

Trends in U.S. In-Hospital Newborn Male Circumcision (CDC Report 2010)

Medical Organizations / Health Professionals

Medical Association Position Papers

The Bias of the American Academy of Pediatrics

The Case Against Circumcision [Dr. Fleiss, M.D.]

The Case Against Circumcision [British Journal of Sexual Medicine]

More Skewering of the AAP

Finnish Medical Association's Stance on Circumcision

Doctors Opposing Circumcision Genital Integrity Statement

American Academy of Pediatrics Circumcision Policy Statement

Circumcision of Infant Males [Royal Australian College of Physicians] 

Dr. William Sears, M.D.

Dr. Dean Edell, M.D.

Circumcision in America, Dr. Cat Saunders, Ph.D.

Circumcision Causes Lifelong Harm

Medical Organization Official Policy Statements

Medical Studies on Circumcision

(Printable) "Informed Consent" Pamphlet from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) “Foreskins for Keeps - An Idea Whose Time Has Come” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) “Circumcision and Childbirth Professionals” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) Informed Consent for Circumcision Form from NOCIRC:


The Effect of Male Circumcision on the Enjoyment of the Female Partner

Circumcision Makes the Penis Smaller

Male Circumcision and Women's Health



Faith Considerations on Circumcision [Judaism, Islam, Christianity]

(Printable) “Jewish Circumcision Resource Center: Information Summary” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) “Brit Without Milah” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) "Counseling Couples in Disagreement about Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective" from Colorado NOCIRC:

Ready to Talk: A Jewish Mother's Change of Heart


Faith Considerations on Circumcision [Judaism, Islam, Christianity]

(Printable) “Christian Parents and the Circumcision Issue” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) “Catholic Teachings on Circumcision” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) “Mormonism and Circumcision” from Colorado NOCIRC:


Faith Considerations on Circumcision [Judaism, Islam, Christianity]
(Printable) “Islam and Circumcision” from Colorado NOCIRC:

The Prepuce (Foreskin)

Functions of the Foreskin: Purposes of the Prepuce

The Penis and Foreskin: Preputial Anatomy and Sexual Function

The Erogenous Zones: Their Nerve Supply and Its Significance

The Cutaneous Innervation of Human Newborn Prepuce

How the Foreskin Works

Analysis of Shape and Retractability of the Prepuce

The Ridged Band: Specialized Tissue of the Penis

(Printable) "Foreskin Facts" Pamphlet from Intact America:

(Printable) “Anatomy and Physiology of the Foreskin” from Colorado NOCIRC:

(Printable) “What Is Your Foreskin IQ?” Quiz from Colorado NOCIRC:

Intact Care

How to Care for Your Intact Son [Home Page w/ Intact Care and Forced Retraction Links]

Raising Intact Sons:

Basic Care of the Intact Child:

Protect Your Intact Son:

The Functions of the Foreskin:

Phony Phimosis Diagnosis:

Foreskin: It's Not 'Icky':

Penile Hygiene for Intact Males

How the Foreskin Protects Against UTI:

Painful Urination During Prepuce Separation

Ballooning in the Intact Child:

Questions Regarding Normal Separation of the Prepuce

The Development of Retractile Foreskin in the Child and Adolescent

Foreskin Care Guide for Parents (Circumcision Decision Maker)

Answers to Questions About Your Intact Son's Penis (NOCIRC)

Foreskin Care Guide for Parents (Intact America)

Foreskin Care Information (ICGI)

Penis and Foreskin Care (The Royal Children's Hospital - Melbourne)

Forced Retraction: Don't Let it Happen to Your Son

Forced Retraction: Now What?

Only Clean What is Seen: Reversing the Epidemic of Forced Retraction:

Medical Testing: Do Not Retract:

Doctors Opposing Circumcision Statement for Physicians and Nurses on
Forced Retraction:

Forced Retraction: Ask the Experts

The Forced Retraction of My Son [One Parent's Story]

Leave de Boy Penis Alone! (a.k.a. He is Intact: Do Not Retract!)

(Printable) Intact Care Pamphlet from Circumcision Decision Maker:

(Printable) "Foreskin Facts" Pamphlet from Intact America:

(Printable) "Foreskin Care Guide for Parents" from Intact America:

(Printable) "Premature (Forcible) Retraction of Your Young Son's Foreskin" from NOCIRC:

(Printable) "Avoiding Circumcision After the Neonatal Period" from NOCIRC:

(Printable) "Care of the Intact Penis in the Geriatric/Disabled Population" from NOCIRC:

(Printable) "Questions About Your Young Son's Intact Penis" from NOCIRC:

(Printable-Spanish) "Respuesta a sus Preguntas Sobre el Pene Intacto de su hijo pequeño" from NOCIRC:

Fathers/Sons & Brothers

Circumcision's Profound Effect on My Family

Circumcised Dad Chooses to Leave Son Intact

I Circumcised My Son: Healing From Regret

My Sons Don't Match

So He'll Look Like Dad

Myths - Cancer

The American Cancer Society Statement on Penile/Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer and Circumcision

Circumcision and Cancer

Cervical Cancer: A Reason for Circumcision?

Cancer of the Cervix in Reference to Circumcision and Marital History

Cervical Cancer and Partners' Circumcision Status

Male Circumcision and Cervical Cancer

Myths - Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Male circumcision and common sexually transmissible diseases in a developed nation setting

Clinical Presentation of Genital Warts Among Heterosexual Men Attending an Urban STD Clinic

Circumcision and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Prevalence, Prophylactic Effects, and Sexual Practice

External Genital Human Papillomavirus Prevalence Among Heterosexual Men on 5 Continents

Circumcision as a Risk Factor for Urethritis in Racial Groups

Myths - HIV

Circumcision of Zimbabweans a US Agenda

Circumcision: Canal for New HIV Infections

HIV/AIDS Rates Continue to Climb in Africa

HIV Increases in Africa Where Men Circumcised Most

Mothering - The Truth About Circumcision and HIV

Male Circumcision: A Role in HIV Prevention?

Circumcision Does Not Affect HIV in U.S. Men

Circumcised Children are More Likely to have HIV

Circumcision and HIV infection

Doctors Reject Circumcision as HIV Prevention

Dr. Dean Edell Discusses AIDS, Africa and Circumcision [with additional links for more]

African Clinical Trials Into Male Circumcision and HIV Transmission: Methodological, Ethical and Legal Concerns [pdf]

Non-surgical Circumcision Device Developed

The Illusive Promise of Circumcision to Prevent Female-to-Male HIV Infection: Not the Way to Go for South Africa [South African Medical Journal]

(Printable) "Analysis: Male Circumcision — A Dangerous Mistake in the HIV Battle" from Intact America:

(Printable) "Questions About Circumcision and HIV/AIDS" from NOCIRC:

(Printable) “HIV and Circumcision Talking Points” from Colorado NOCIRC

Why Are Westerners So In Love With Circumcision For Africans?

Woman Uncensored - AIDS Circumcision Fallacy

Myths - Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Cultural Bias and the Urinary Tract Infection Circumcision Controversy

How the Foreskin Protects Against Urinary Tract Infections

The Diagnosis, Treatment, and Evaluation of the Initial Urinary Tract Infection in Febrile Infants and Young Children

Circumcision and Urinary Tract Infection

Is the Risk of Urinary Tract Infection Really the Pivotal Issue?

Circumcision and Urinary Tract Infection

Breastfeeding and Urinary Tract Infection