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The following is a list of intact related blogs and YouTube channels/videos. To add to this catalog, send to or link to it on Facebook.

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Barefoot Intactivist

Dr. James Pate, M.D.

Circumcision Insanity [Screenshots of actual circumcision discussions]

How the Foreskin Works [Adult Content]

Intactivist Blog


Lippy Girl

Men Do Complain

NOCIRC of Oklahoma

No Circumcision

Restoring Tally

Saving Babies

Should I Circumcise

4Skin FTW

Stop the Cut [Blog]

There's So Much To Get Angry About

What I'm Missing

YouTube Channels / Videos

Barefoot Intactivist [Channel]

Bonobo3D [Channel]

How to Care for an Intact Child [By Intact Florida]

How to Sue Doctors & Hospitals for Mutilating Your Genitals

The Surgery: Infant Circumcision [Gomco Clamp]

Whose Body, Whose Rights? [previously only on DVD, now available online]

Plastibell Infant Circumcision

Typical Canadian Circumcision

Plastibell Circumcision [Dr. Milton Sales]

Birth As We Know It: Circumcision [Plastibell]

Neonatal Circumcision [Gomco Clamp]

What U Never Knew [Channel]

Circumcision Myths & Facts

The Penis - Sex Ed 101: Marilyn Milos

American Academy of Pediatrics on Circumcision

McAllisterRyan [Channel]

Mom Changes Mind on Circumcision

They Cut Babies, Don't They?

Yellen Style Circumcision [Circumcision How-to Video on Plastic Penis Models - no sound, no baby]