Welcome to The Intact Network.

Here, you will find a collective and comprehensive database of all intact related materials available to the public.

The Intact Network serves to unify advocates for genital autonomy coming from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, groups and current locations in life.

While we each approach intact related work from a different standpoint, and in our own unique ways, we have One Mission: to bring an end to the genital cutting of minors and ensure genital autonomy for all.

Although we each serve in this mission, and strive toward this goal, through our own individual projects, each utilizing our own unique and diverse array of talents, skills and expertise, we work together in solidarity. We are One Body. 

We believe that all human beings, regardless of age, sex, gender, ethnicity, size, background, family, or ability to defend themselves, come into this world with the basic human right to genital autonomy. That is: to make personal decisions about what happens to our genitals in absence of medical necessity. We are defending One Body.

We invite you to dig in and explore the vast vault of intact related resources available today. Then, dust off the disengagement, and come get involved!

[The Intact Network is currently under construction. We welcome suggestions sent to TheIntactNetwork@gmail.com]